Lacanau Surf School

Chill & Surf, is situated in Lacanau-Ocean on the Atlantic coast one hour from Bordeaux. We offer a variety of surf lessons to help you progress whatever your age and level. Experience the world of surf with us and share unforgettable moments with family or friends – all in complete safety under the supervision of our team. Surfing is an amazing sport, come and enjoy a unique experience with Chill & Surf!

Chill and Surf is the only English-run Lacanau surf school, making it the ideal choice for English-speaking tourists. Located in the center of Lacanau-Océan just a few meters from the seafront, the exceptional position of our surf school allows everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the resort and what it has to offer.

Children and adults will learn to surf quickly with our experienced instructors who will give you confidence and keep you safe at all times. At Chill & Surf we love surfing as much as teaching – come and have fun with us!

If you are just starting out or improving, our surf school offers you innovative surf lessons that combine hands-on practice and knowledge of the ocean. We accompany you in the water for an optimal learning experience. Surfing with Chill & Surf is easy thanks to our expertise and high quality equipment. Our priority is always to have fun together, enjoyment above everything and everyone at their own pace.