Directions from Bordeaux to Lacanau-Océan

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport to Lacanau-Océan

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport is by far the closest airport to Lacanau-Océan; you can find cheap flights from all over Europe. Once you arrive, Chill & Surf Lacanau is only a short journey away!

It’s easy to hire a car and make the 35-mile drive yourself.

Alternatively, take one of the frequent busses from the airport (changing in Mérignac) to Lacanau: find out more on the By Bus tab.

Unfortunately, there is no train station in Lacanau-Océan! Take the bus instead (see the next tab).

Bordeaux to Lacanau by Bus

The TransGironde Line 702 offers a route from multiple stops in Bordeaux to Lacanau-Océan. The journey takes approximately 1h30, and costs 2€ (one-way) or 3.60€ (return). There are usually 4 return services per day.

From the Airport…

Take one of the frequent busses from the terminal to Mérignac Centre (a 15-minute journey) and jump on the TransGironde 702 for the 1h10 journey to Lacanau-Océan. Check out the map below for the connecting walk between these two buses:

Driving to Lacanau-Océan

The journey by car is relatively straightforward and takes just over an hour (traffic dependent). There are no tolls on this route! Check this map for directions.

Cycling to Lacanau-Océan

There is a dedicated cycle path that runs all the way from Bordeaux to the beach at Lacanau-Océan. It is 60-70km long (depending on where in the city you start), so should take approximately 3h30. Thankfully, the trail is mostly flat, and there are cafés and restaurants along the way.

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