Surf in a magical environment​

Our surf school is an original concept offering courses amongst the vastness of the natural and unspoiled beaches of our coast. With Chill & Surf Lacanau, immerse yourself in the spiritual world of surfing and reconnect with the ocean while learning or improving your technique at the most beautiful spot in Lacanau-Océan.

Ready to surf ?!

Chill & Surf Lacanau offers varied and innovative lessons that will allow you to progress at your own pace and in complete safety. Everyone is catered for according to individual desires and needs. Alone or with family or friends, our high-quality courses are designed to provide you with excitement and progress, whatever your age, level and physical condition.

Teaching Methods

Tailor-Made for Everyone

Each lesson begins with a full warm-up, a comprehensive explanation of the ocean environment, and a safety briefing according to the day’s conditions. This introduction allows confidence and autonomy once you enter the water, and establishes firm foundations upon which your surfing can evolve. Our motivated and experienced team apply a bespoke approach to each individual, based on a personalised and quality teaching method.


The Essentials

At our school, all instructors are accredited by the French Surf Federation and posses extensive first aid training. We teach the the unwritten codes of surf etiquette and wave priority, analysis of the currents and the formation of rips, as well as the fundamentals for good reflexes and how to choose a good wave. This solid basis will help you become acquainted with the ocean and give you all the tools needed to ensure a maximum level of safety and success in your progression as a surfer.


Top Quality

We offer a range of Softech surfboards that we loan to you during lessons and which you can rent to continue evolving independently. We offer multiple board sizes and widths to cater for all ages and abilities. Our versatile Ocean Earth wetsuits are made from high-quality neoprene, allowing comfort in movement while keeping your body warm. We also provide all clients with high-quality FCS leashes, and Ocean Earth rash vests help our students remain visible and safe in the water.

Your instructor: Loïc

Team photo de profil de Loïc
” To me, surfing is much more than a sport or a passion. It’s a sort of energetic therapy that stimulates the feeling of happiness and being ourselves. Surfing makes us happy and full of magic. I have been surfing for over 20 years and have traveled to many destinations around the world. By working as a surf instructor, my goal is to pass on my practical experience and introduce you to the benefits of spending time in the ocean. So grab your boards and let’s jump into the water! “